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      The Literal word meaning of 'Ichum' stands for 'Fountain'. Its existence is offered by several hardship of circumstances and incidents. It would be an absurd to forget the works and the fights sacrificed by the leaders and chieftains of those days;it won't be as it is today without their endeavouring sweat efforts.The land encroachment incident with the Tumta Naga, the communal riot incident of  1993 and other internal administrative rifts on issues of hierarchical  and non-hierarchical mechanism of the chief were  mentionable.
     The Ichum Keirap village is a approximately 20-22 KM from the capital city of Manipur, Imphal. It is in the sub-division of Saitu-Gamphazol, Senapati District, Manipur-795134. Its surrounding villages include-Sazal, Loibol khonou, Waroiching, Aigeyang, Tingkai, Sadar Joute,  Mongbung and Leimaram. Respectively of its size, volume of population, natural resources and other natural endowments, it is enviable as compare to other villages.
       It has more than 100 households and is occupied by more than 670 people. This enlarging number of its population is contributed by the settlement of few villages like-Mongkotyang, Taitak, Shongpher, etc during the communal riot of 1993. Ever since that incident, multiple changes have been brought in the village socially, politically and in economically.
     Socially, this village is an amalgam of different clans and sub-clans bonding together to bridge the brotherhood of spiritual and social integrity.Regarding religious inception, it was a late bloom. Christianity come into existence in the 1950s. She celebrated her 50 years of Christianity(Golden Jubilee) in January, 2011.
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Economic Activities 
The nature has endowed it land with rich natural resources to feed her dwellers from time to time and season to seasons comprising of its forest and soils for agricultural and farming. For instance, the thick forest doubled with its fast growing trees/plants made easy way of earning for livelihood. However, the future is in a bit doubt that how long this green forest could sustain its people as far as its growing population is concerned.But still there is positive aspect that this will be suited in accordance with the demand of the time. In the recent, NGOs like NaRMG-Natural Resources Management Group, had initiated and influenced many and varied positive and substantial economic development activities in the village.Imparting the art of farming and cultivation of passion fruits, which were done under their supervision, have greatly bridged the economic gap of the whole community. Not only this, they also organized the village women folk into groups to organize themselves as a SHG-Self Help Group. Speculation is rift that some of the groups have opened Bank account in their group name and huge deposits have been made so far. Precisely, micro-financial institution is known to them now and then. To reiterate,those activities of the NGOs have, infact, given an ample insight to the village in manifold. The dispensing of modern latrines basins and cements for its wall foundations were mention worthy.
ACTIVITIES:- Selling of woods is the most prevailing economic activity of the village. This activity is carried mostly by the women to fill the gaps of the kitchen. Others supplementing economic activities includes- farming of mustard seeds, agricultural products and other forestry.

Village Administrative system
One of the remarkable difference in the village administrative machinery between other villages and Ichum Keirap one is- governing in accordance with the wills of the people. It could be said that her administrative one is democratic and socialistic. The chief has no autocratic power over the land and its people as to others villages. Subordinate to him, few functionaries are elected by the people through voice or vote to assist at his functions.


               The Chiefs-
  • Lamsonthang Serto@ Khonglemba
Picnic/tourist Spots
Agape Garden: A garden run by K.T. Kom since 2010 which is near to the waterfall popularly known as Eeshing Chaibi by the locals. It has now, today, become a renown picnic spot not only of its suburbs but for the whole Manipur. It is an interesting and worthy place to visit.
    <Agape Garden- click to view in google map>

WaterFall (Eeshing Chaibi): Commonly known as Sadu Chiru Waterfall, Eeshing Chaibi is situated near a village-Sadu Chiru. Owing to its natural pleasant looks and its enchanting beauty, it has been attracting many visitors since its discovery.The State Govt. has also proposed and planned to connect with pucca road from airport road via Leimaram. 

Others: Sasen lon Tlang, Chi-khur, Tanky/Sepei Camp.

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The Coming of Mongkotyang

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Clans Composition

Like Other villages, Ichum Keirap village is also composited by merging of different clans and sub clans.



  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Youth Day
  • Sather Rehoi
  • Reiju Rehoi

Teachers: M.Neikholhing, Neisemyang, Neikhupngam, Paohao, Edmond Nu, Chungkhohat, M.Chunglenthang.
Other govt. Employees: lerhmang, Aboithang, Elisha, Revonson Pa, Irin, Toipi, Aler Leivon, Lamginthang Telien,
Pensioners: G. Sehkhopao,D. Paosat, M. Serkam, T. Thangkhohao, T. Yangkholhing, M. Hmangchong, T. Nengjakhol.

Others: Lerrenga(Asst. ICAR)
M.Hmangloshong, Mangpu Telien, L. Lerhen, M. Rengte, M. Thangrengson, T. Reshma, T. Chongpineng, K. Kampu, K. Lunkam, G.  Paohao, T. Henneihao, T.Awei.
Job Status
Active Forces: D.Henminthag, L.Chungbel, L. Seilenchung, M.Neison, Hmangsothang, Tyas pa, M. Songkhuplen, M.Romeo, M. Henlallen, Henlena,D.Thangminlun, Rolling, Lersemma, T. Shongneison, T. Hmanglenchung, S.Chunglenthang, 
T. Mamang

 D.Neipilhing, M. sona, M. Chinneivar, M. Neinu, T. Amitha, M. Chongneihoi, Rosemary Leivon, M. Nengthlakir, T. Seineilhing, L. Bomneichong, Khumlhing, M. Grace.

Civil Service
M.Lunneithang (IES), M. Thangminlen(Danics) M. Jenny(IAAS)...
Soson Telen- Jr. Scientist ( Geology)
M. Lerrenga- SO( audit)
Edu. Institution
Ichum UJB School
Luther Academy
Sona voluntary school**

Neighboring Vills.
Sajal, Aigeyang, waroiching, Thangthilon, Leimaram, Mongbung, Sadar Joute, Tingkai, Loibol, ......

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