Ichum Keirap : Tumo Tu?
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1. Reiju Rehoi Heimo?

2. Tumo Miss Reiju Hma inkeipen?

a) L.Chongneilhing
b) T.Kimte
c) T.Hoisokip
d) M.Chinneivar

3. 2010 Miss Reju Tumo?

b) Nengboikim
c) Yangneivar
d) Nghakneivar

4. Reiju, 2010 Pherva-kah tunmo alo?

a) Chungjalen
b) Chaipu
c) T.Sonneithang
d) Khochonthang
e) Nehsei

5. Onises Memorial cup hi Ve heija tlukna jomo?

a)Ve 3
b) Ve 2
c) Ve 4

6.Ichum Khosunga Tumo sa-kaap akathem pen?

a) T.Haopu
b) L.Ashone
c) Chungneithang
d) T.Kamlun
e) D.Henminthang

7. Agape Park tunmo aphunsot?

a) Chaipu
b) Vorsei
c) Kamlun Telien
d) Kamlen

8. Se-hrat katam kaneipen tumo?

a) Raymond
b) T.Thangsat
c) M.Serkam
d)Revonson pa


9. Tule-tumo anne(smart) akae pen?

a) L.Seilenthang
b) L.Hlungkam
c) D.Paosat
d) Hmangler
e) Both B and C

10. Banglore a Savang tiah inhret tumo?

a) T.Lenneithang
b) M.Joel
c) lerneichung
d) Henlenna telien

11. Tlontlo kahrat a tumo inhret?

b) M.Songpu
c) Hmangsothang pa
d) PU Saison
e) Ankhenga

12. Tu TAhri mo: tlon katlo man'num savai ekksot mak ning.

a)PU Nehsei
c) Alisha
d) T.Sonneithang

13. Tu mo ansang pen?

a) M.Seipu
b) L.LUnkam
c) T.Paolenthang
d) Both a) and b)

14.Ann-but karra heimo akatui pen?

a) artuii
b) Antlam
c) Kopihlum
d) Manto

15.Tumo Tui sem-tui en akahrat pen?

a) M.Seipu
c) T.Paothang

16.Kua sak tumo akahrat pen??

a)Pu K.T
b) Pu Chungmang
c)Pu Thangneilen Nu
d)Pi Naosen

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Job Status
Distance from Imphal

Govt. servants and  their services in villa- sinecure of sinecures.

SSA-Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan -a comprehensive and integrated flagship programme of the Government which is aimed to attain universal Elementary Education (UEE) between the age of 6-14 years. It has been lauched since 2001-02 and is in partnership with state government, central and local self government.

    Our village has SSA worker. But, whether it is functioning effectively or not is a matter of concern.

ASA-Accredited Social Health Activist which is under National Rural Health Mission, is incepted to create health awarenesss among the communities of its specified regions or areas. A ASHAs workers would get performance based compensations for promoting health related awareness, universal immunization like polio immunization, Measles, TB and others. Also, healthcare delivery programmes. In so far as our village-Ichum Keirap is concerned, this ASHA's activities are not effective much. House to house polio immunization has been completely lacked and learnt that polio and other vaccines are random carried on.

Anganwadi-A system managed by Anganwadi workers- a health workers chosen among the community at which 4 months training on nutrition, health and childcare activities are imparted. It is under the ICDS-Integrated Child Development Shemes project.

Do u Know?

2-3 cups of Balbogh(beson like) is distributed to household on child number present basis by the anganwadi workers ( Nearly 8 numbers)of our village. The remaining tins are sold out for few amounts. Rediculous, is not it?

Anganwadi Workers & Helpers of Ichum keirap

  • L.Chungneihat-worker
  • M.Kimboi-Worker
  • Elizabeth-Worker
  • G.Refina-worker
  • L.Thanglerhoi-Helper
  • M.Pothatyang-Helper
  • L.Hrangmunchong-Helper
  • M.Hatneichong-Helper


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